Megan B. – été 2023

We are so looking forward to connecting with Penelope, we just had coffee with my friend Anne-Stuart and she couldn’t say enough wonderful things about her experience working with your team.

Gillian – janv 2024

Penelope, let me thank you for the great work you have done in helping us and me become « official » in France. It all takes a long time, and for me it is still not over, but you were open about that and gave no misleading expectations. Your willingness to respond in detail to all my questions over the past months, and to explain what was going on, made all the difference. I truly appreciate your kindness and your professionalism.
Warmest wishes to you and everyone at RelocationZen for a Happy, Healthy, and professionally and personally successful New Year ».

Alexandra M. – été 2023

Penelope, thank you very much for everything you have done for us, it has been so much stress taken from our shoulders!.  We have needed so much help because of all the complications!
Again, thank you to you and Estelle for being incredibly kind and open.

Gillian M. – été 2023

Dear Penelope, Alexandra and I thank you for all the work you have been doing on our behalf. You have been extraordinarily patient about my frequent emails, answered in detail my endless questions, and always gotten back to me very quickly.

As Estelle will have told you, our meeting at the bank went beautifully and we were immediately given bank accounts. This is really thanks to you, as you worked out the glitch in my documentation and brought all parties to the same conclusion, namely that there was enough documentation to allow the account to be established.

We are very pleased to have selected RelocationZen to help us with administrative tasks. You for weeks, and Estelle yesterday, have gone out of your way to smooth the path and ensure that the dossiers we put together will be accepted by various offices or agencies.

I wish you a very pleasant holiday.

Lucy Z. – oct 2023

Penelope, I can’t wait forwarding my resident card to you, good news, thank you for all your efforts.

Elissar T. – été 2023

Chère Pénélope, merci encore pour toute votre aide et pour votre compétence, ainsi que celle de Frédérique. Merci beaucoup pour vos détails et conseils qui sont si précieux. Vous êtes toujours très précise, utile, et aimable avec nous
25 déc 2023  » Joyeux Noël Pénélope, merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour nous en 2023! ».

Ranjan L. – dec 2023

I’ve received my resident card. Thank you so much dear Penelope, without your help and assistance it would never have been possible.